Disk Read Errors and 100% disk use on new computer after new motherboard installed by professionals


Feb 10, 2015
Hi guys, it is I, the one with all the computer sorrow all the time. I've solved my previous problems except for this-

My new computer (about 10 months old) had a motherboard failure a couple months back. After sending it to the builders to get it fixed under warranty, it had the motherboard replaced and I finally got it back a couple weeks ago. After a slew of problems upon turning it on, this is the problem remaining:

When I boot I often get a Disk Read Error and have to reboot a few times to get it to work.

The disk use is also almost always on 100%, often causing slowdown and near crashes even with basic use. This is not ideal as I pay my bills via work through photoshop, and it's affecting my ability to earn my living. I'm also concerned that it may damage or kill my harddrive?

They were "attempting" to help me figure out what they had done to my computer but after asking if I was available for remote access to try and fix it and me saying that yes, I was available, they never replied and have not emailed me for a week. So I think that's a bust from them, which doesn't seem like much of a loss. Looks like they know how to build a computer and that's about it.

Does anyone know what's going on, and better yet how I can fix it? The motherboard is as far as I know the exact same make and model as the previous iteration, if that helps.

Thanks everyone!


Mar 28, 2010
There are a few things that could be the problem. For instance, was the operating system reinstalled after the motherboard was replaced? If not then you are running on the drivers from the previous motherboard. If it wasn't, then reinstall the operating system. Then reevaluate the drive issue.

Next, update the motherboard drivers and do a drive diagnostic (fixing the errors). If the drive issues persist, reformat the drive. If it persists after formatting it, replace the drive.


Dec 6, 2006
Could you post your system specs?
Someone replaced the motherboard but doesn't automatically make someone a professional.
Did they installed the same motherboard model?
To rule out the disk, test it with the manufacturer’s tools or use third-party disk tool like CrystalDiskInfo.
You could try to find out if there is an app causing the 100% by opening the Task manager and checking the disk usage.