Question Disk usage at 100%, switched harddrives and motherboard. Tried everything(seems like it)

Apr 29, 2019
Hello fellow computernerds,

I have had this computer for 2 years now and i been trying to fix a diskproblem that is has. When ever i do something on the computer, like open a program or download something, the diskusage goes up to 100%. First I tried a SSD and that didnt help. Then I switched motherboard beacuse I thought it was the ports or some chip on it that was broken. I have googled around for ever but cant find a solution. I think it can be the ram or cpu thats fucking with the cache memory or something. I also changed the virtual storage ram.

Would be really thankful for a answer!
You have to diagnose it first.
Use Resource Monitor - Disk Tab - Disk Activity section
(order it by column Total, make file names fully readable) and
post screenshot (upload to and post link).

It would look similar to this. In this example file names are not fully readable, file column needs to be expanded.