Question Disk usage spikes to 100% and then crashes while playing csgo ?

Dec 2, 2020
Specs: 8700k delidded but no overclock
Stock 1080 ti areo
32gb gskill ddr4
Gigabyte Z370 auros gaming 5
1tb Samsung 860 evo NVME ssd
EKWB fluid gaming full custom loop (cpu+gpu)
Windows 10

What's happening: I've been using my pc for a while and it is normally very stable (aside from when overclocking) but yesterday night I was playing some csgo and the game randomly crashed. I tried the good old turn it off and then back on again, but that didn't work. I would launch csgo, start a match with boys, and then play for anywhere from 1 second to a minute before the game freezes, and then a crash. Task manager showed the disk usage would spike to 100% right before the crash, but what's odd is that the speeds of the drive (a Samsung 860 evo NVME ssd) would drop to nearly 0mb/s as the usage spike to 100%. While launching csgo I would hit 100-200mb/s with only 20-30% usage. CPU, GPU, and RAM temperatures and usage remains low, with the cpu around 50c or below and the gpu close to that. Nothing but the ssd gets close to 100% usage in task manager

What I've tried: First I tried wiping + reinstalling windows 10, then I tried a bunch of drive repair stuff like samsung's drive wizard, then I tried a new ssd (the same 1tb Samsung, but one I know works) and then I tried moving the SSD to a new nvme slot on my motherboard. So far nothing has worked, but after I swapped the nvme slot I was able to play csgo for about 2 minutes before a crash. After the first try with the ssd in the new slot it went back to crashing in seconds. ive also tried everything from this thread:

here is a video of what task manager looks like when it's crashing: View:

Any help would be amazing, I really want to get back to being able to play games. Thanks
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Oct 6, 2013
Yeah, when I start to move in game my disk usage hits 100% and windows programs stop working too. I can still play the game because it's loaded into memory but new assets won't load in as you can see in the video. When the game ends or I close it, that's when the whole system locks up.

If you could see Performance tab, you'd see disk usage 100%