Display : Color Problem on Sansung Monitor


Aug 30, 2003
I have Samsung SyncMaster 753s, 17 inch color monitor which is about 10 months old.

Recently it does not display the colors as it should. I can’t describe the problem technically but it seems like it is missing the RED Color.

Blues and Yellows are OK and every thing else as far as display seems fine and I am able to use it pretty much like a Black and Blue Monitor.

I really don’t like to send in for a repair because most products it always comes back with more problems and new parts stolen and replaced with someone else’s used parts where I live.

If something minor needs to be adjusted, I would like to do it if someone can give me some guidance.

Thank You,
Monitor repair never equals minor (in my experience) or cheap.

I had this same problem with my old 13" IBM monitor. (no blue in my case), also had an ALL green Daytek 15" a while back (bought it for 20 bucks 6 mths earlier so I didn't care much). Basically the cost to repair will likely be so great as to warrant a new monitor. Likely one of the electron guns is dead or the magnet that controls the red is shot. Either way, it's not cheap.

Unless someone can offer a better solution than to whack your monitor (helps sometimes), a replacement may be the best option.

Anywhooo, that's my view from here.

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