Question Display dead-end? Help!

Jun 15, 2019
Hi, I’ve tried everything with no luck. My computer shut down abruptly around 2 days ago, so I decided to deep clean and replace the thermal paste. I dismantled the whole computer and blew compressed air in every component and socket.

After finishing, I reassembled the PC. I realized I had done a tremendous mistake (I did not map where each wire went). Nevertheless I managed to rewire everything.

When I turned the computer back on (immediately turned it back off after I forgot to plug in an ATX wire!) with everything set; the computer ran, fans worked (CPU, GPU, Case) and the HDD ran.

The problem is nothing shows up in the display! I tried the GPU and nothing, switched for another GPU I had and nothing, tried the CPU integrated graphics and nothing. Switched cables, monitor ports, nothing. I’ve hit a dead end. I have no idea what is happening.

Other things I noted:
• the Ethernet port is not flashing it’s Leds when the cable is plugged.
• Force shutting down by pressing the power button is not working.

Things I had trouble when wiring the pc back:

• I forgot whether the HDD used the SATA or Legacy power plugs (tried them separately, nothing happened)
• since I also have an optical drive there are two SATA cables going to the motherboard, I forgot which went in which port (however I believe this doesn’t matter since they are the same type of plug).

This is driving me insane! I’ve tried everything I can think of. Everything seems to be plugged in and no empty sockets seem to remain! What is going on?

Thank you immensely in advance,

Here’s a pic of my build: