Question Display dies when gaming


Jan 4, 2017
So what's happening is that when I'm gaming the screen will just randomnly go black. The computer is still on, and I'm still getting sound and response (e.g. if i do something which would make a noise, I can hear it, but theres just no screen). It doesn't happen at all outside of gaming, and even when gaming its sporadic, like, it some games work and then others just make the screen go black. The only solution that I've found is just to power off my computer with the power button and then turn it back on manually, which obviously isn't great.

I'm on an Acer Aspire V Nitro laptop, which is running a 1060, an i7-7700HQ @ 2.8, 8gb DDR4.

I've looked on a fair few other threads but none of the solutions suggested there do anything.
Thermally, it's fine. Got heaps of airflow to the vents, and I run it hard on the games that don't kill the screen and get the temps way up no issues.
I've done a clean reset of the whole thing, so uninstalling everything and that didn't change anything.
Maybe about a month ago I got it back from when I sent it back to Acer for repairs, because there was some battery problems (didn't work unless the charger was in, it was essentially a desktop pc, i.e. no portability). I got it back from them, and the battery problems are fixed, but now this is happening.