News Display Driver Chip Shortage Leads to Delays for Pretty Much Everything


Well, it is currently better than 2020,

Holy crap dude DON'T SAY THAT OUT LOUD!!!!

2021 will HEAR you. 2021 will decide that you're throwing down a CHALLENGE.



Dec 9, 2020
That’s what happens when literally one company makes everything high end these days. Seems like all the worlds electronics is hanging by a single thread named TSMC
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Apr 6, 2021
Did businesses forget how to business or something? Whatever is going on seems like an enormous systemic issue that should be driving massive regulatory change. I'm starting to feel like shortages are intentional and coordinated.

When the entire world is based on a just in time inventory model, any miscalculation (i.e. auto makers) or just not planning for a massive demand increase partially fueled by government stimulus is something any business can predict. You can't flip a switch and ramp up production quickly. Now they are scrambling to boost capacity. But because fabs are so expensive, chip makers don't want to be on the hook if there is overcapacity by the time everything is back to "normal". Has happened with minerals, oil or any other commodity - boom and bust cycles. If government is helping to boost capacity, fine - but it also takes away some of the risk, and therefore encourages potential over production.
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