Display Driver crashes,intel i7 2600k


Oct 13, 2011
I dont know that this is the right section for my problem or not.
I have intel i7 2600k installed on intel dh67vr motherboard.
from last 5 months the pc was working superb but suddenly (last week) its display driver stopped working,
i am not using any graphics card,i am using onboard intel hd3000 graphics card,the driver crashes every minute and recovers, "display driver stopped responding and has recovered " this is the error message, all the aero effects got disabled automatically, i cant use any application ,even i cant play any videos.

The twist :
I reinstalled my windows 7x64 sp1 and drivers, the problem remained the same,i installed latest driver ,nothing changed,even display got more worst on the latest driver,updated the and reset the bios also couldnt fixed my problem . But when i installed a graphic card nvidia 8600 gs ,problem solved,pc's performance was low but i was happy,but i returned that card back to my friend and problem started again.

I dont know where the problem is !!!
the motherboard or the processor, please friends help me to fix this problem.
Well, typically this happens either due to a bad driver version, or busted hardware. If multiple driver versions are crashing, then I'd have to conclude the hardware is suspect.

That being said, if the onboard GPU uses system RAM, its possible you really have a RAM problem...