Question Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 347.88 stopped responding


Dec 6, 2012
Hello there
im havging a problem lately with a 4 years old computer
about a month ago i had a problem that it was very slow that even oppening folders on the computer was very laggy and opening youtube videos
the GPU is GEFORCE gtx 770 and it can actually handle heavy games but now that is the problem that even minecraft it cant handle
i used to play minecraft for a minute and then it got slow and buggy and after that the monitor stopped to get signal
ive given it to a technichian and he deleted some stuff from my computer and added an antivirus and for 2 weeks it got back into handeling games like no mans sky
but now the problem got back and after i open no mans sky or other games which it did handle it loades the game for 1 minute and then it gets very big lag spikes and then i get or a no signal messege from the monitor or an error from computer
Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version stopped responding
with its driver version number and after contacting with that technichian he wants to reinstall windows and wants again for a payement and i dont realy think its a problem with windows because it just happend without me downloading anything and i wonder cant it be a hardwere problem and if somebody knows what do i need 2 do
thank you and sorry for bad english