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Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.


Jan 10, 2018
Good day/evening there.

I am newly registered and sought out this site for help in something that has been tormenting me for several months now, Tom's youtube videos has given me a lot of inspiration and motivation with computer stuff, and when i can afford it, i wish to build a decent low performance computer.

To the issue, lately i have been getting a lot of graphic driver crashes, they never occur only under high performance acts, and can simply happen by browsing and having winamp open or anything, really. Sometimes it happens while i'm playing any game, sometimes not. A few days ago it happened 3 times one night, that was really annoying.

I've been googling all over the internet and tried solutions on both this site and other places without any luck

I have tried to customize my power saving settings and turned off PCI-E Link Statement.
I have tried setting power saving feature in nvidia center from prefer low to prefer high consumption and turned Vertical Sync off.

I have tried completely removing my driver and installing a new one, i have tried a couple different graphic drivers to no avail.

I'm not a computer genius, and personally i suspect that the graphic card is defaulty.

I'm running Window 7 64bit and my card is GeForce GTX 1060 6gb.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks a bunch if you read through this.

Would really, really appreciate some insight or help, i'm not overclocking or anything and also, the computer is fairly new.