Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

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Nov 22, 2012
Recently I've upgraded some of my PC's hardware including:MOBO,CPU,RAM...while I've kept the remaining ones including: the GPU,PSU,HDD and the peripherals..
Here are the old hardwares:
MOBO:MSI P31 neo....CPU: Pentium 4 3400 GHZ...ram: 1GB ddr2.
I replaced those with the following:
mobo: GIGABYTE P75-D3...CPU: G620 DUAL CORE 2600 GHZ...RAM: 2GB DDR3.
The parts that remains as they were are:
GPU: NVIDIA 9400 GT 1GB...PSU: 650 W...HDD:320 GB.
OS in both old and new sets is WIN7 Ultimate 64x and the NVIDIA driver version is 301.42.
"display driver stopped responding and has recovered"...I am getting this message randomly whether I am playing a game,a heavy or light one,or sometimes while I am doing nothing...but of course I am facing this more often while playing a heavy game...Let's say (Spec ops the line)...there are random pauses and strange voices coming out and lasts for 2-3 sec and I have to press ALT+CTRL+DEL to get back to the game then the process repeats and finally the game stops and the ugly message shows...I think you guys are familiar with such a problem but in fact I've been searching for a solution for a long time now and I tried every suggestion I came by...and what is really interesting is that I HAD NOT GOT THIS PROBLEM UNTIL I UPGRADED MY PC....
so,for God sake...I really need your help....


Jun 22, 2011
i had a similar problem and found this fix,it seems that nvidia sets the fan speed to 20% as default,and based on your computer air flow this could not be enough. to make matters worse,go into a game,then a bit later come back out , your fan willhave been running higher to cool the gpu ,but then it goes back down to 20%. result instant or soon display driver crash. I even got this on a note pad when i was writing, ntunes seems to let you fix it ,i max out my fan when i boot up windows manually. hope this helps


Jan 26, 2013
I was getting the same message on my less than one year old computer. It had been driving me nuts with the screen going blank and then coming back with this message. I tried every suggested fix I could find on the internet but nothing did any good. Here's what I did and it is now fixed.

I looked at my installed programs and decided to uninstall those that I didn't really need. The only one I actually uninstalled was a customer participation program from HP.

I ran msconfig.exe and under the start up tab I unchecked everything except anything from Microsoft and Avast, my antivirus program. Under the Services tab I unchecked things I didn't think I needed like the Adobe services. I kept anything Microsoft.

I then rebooted my computer and to my complete surprise, Avast reported a trojan and suggested a boot scan be preformed. The boot scan found the trojan in 2 locations, one being my back up file, and I chose to delete these files.

After the computer rebooted I went back to msconfig.exe and rechecked all the things I had unchecked including the registry item that called the infected file to run. The infected file had been deleted so the registry call did nothing, but in order to remove it I ran regedit and deleted it from the registry.

Rebooted my machine and it has run perfect ever since. Avast runs all the time, I had done numerous scans including boot scans, malwarebytes and defender, nothing was ever found until I did the above things.

Hope this helps someone else as this was the most frustrating thing I had encountered.
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