Display drivers


Jan 27, 2013
The colors in my graphic display are distorted. It started when I encountered a virus in one of my email. I got rid of the virus but the colors in graphic display did not go back to normal. I re-download the driver and installed it hoping to change it but still did not do nothing. Now, I deleted the graphic driver and also disabled the one that says compatible vga driver. I re-started the laptop and started fine with the windows XP logo showing the normal colors this time but when it continued to the desktop, there is no more pictures....it is a flat black screen, I can still hear the sound as it is going through the process but I could not see anything. I tried going to the safe mode, vga mode and every access possible but it is the same, it will n ot display the desktop. What is the fix for it, please help?
My platform is Windows XP 32 bits SP3, Dell Latitude D620, NVIDIA QUADRO SV 110M display driver.

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