Apr 5, 2004
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I just replaced my toasted quadro2 pro with a geforce fx 5600. With
both cards I use the dvi connection to run my lcd display. Thru DVI,
the fx will not display until the OS loads, which is a big problem
because I frequently need to get at the system bios. It will display
at boot thru analog connection tho. My quadro2 pro displayed just fine
during boot thru DVI. Can anyone tell me what might cause this? I
wonder about the default refresh rate- my monitor (sgi sw1600) needs
60kHz. Is there a way to set the refresh rate used during boot in the
gpu bios? Also interested in suggestions for different cards that
might work better. Thx.

For the record, my fx 5600 is a BFG product. Their support staff has
not replied to my request for assistance.


Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia (More info?)

Usually before a video card has it's drivers loaded the refresh rate is 60Hz.
I wonder if it's because your new card needs drivers loaded for the DVI
You should be able to check the refresh rate using the on screen display for
your monitor when you first turn your computer on. That should tell you if
there is a video signal at least.