Question Display Freezes Into Black Screen, Now Can't Get Image At All

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Sep 26, 2014
Hi, this is my first time posting on TH and I'm very new with tech forums in general. I was in the middle of playing a video game on my pc when suddenly it froze up and the screen went black but the pc remained on. Eventually I manually powered it off using the power button. Upon turning it back on, my motherboard logos displayed and a windows black screen with blue logo and spinning circle display before the screen goes black. I manually restarted it one more time but now I am shown a windows screen on how an error occurred and how I can restart or view advanced options. I chose restart and was able to get to my desktop again before locks up and blackscreens again.

The next day (this morning) I woke up and tried powering on again and after a very long boot time I eventually made it to the desktop like normal, but after about 5 minutes the exact same freeze into black screen occurred. Before crashing though, I was able to run Windows system file checker which found one corrupted file and replaced it. I also ran a Malwarebytes free scan after the restart and got 100% clean results.

After this final crash however, upon powering on my PC I am unable to get anything to display on my monitors at all. Unfortunately my CPU doesn't have integrated graphics so I can't be sure that the issue is my GPU entirely. Inside my case, all fans and lights turn on like normal including on GPU. I have already tried reseating my GPU/RAM, as well as switching my GPU to the lower PCI express 16 slot. One final thing to note is that a few days ago (3-7 days ago I'm not entirely sure) Windows updated on shut down and the update took much longer than I am used to Windows updates taking. Upon booting up the next day, boot time was slightly longer if I recall correctly and since the update my user profile icon has been a very pixelated and blown-up version of the default windows silhouette. When I was able to boot for the few minutes I could I was able to run a virus scan through malwarebytes free and everything came back clean.

I am at a loss and feeling quite beaten down at the moment. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

OS: Windows 10

Some parts:
Tomahawk B450 MAX
Ryzen 7 3700X
RTX 3080 XC3 ULTRA Gaming
Corsair RM850X (Gold rated 850W)