Question Display goes black for a few seconds randomly on one computer but not on another with the same GPU

May 5, 2022

I have a monitor Envision h2776mhal,

I'm connecting it via HDMI.

When I connect it to one computer (Linux Mint, Ryzen 3900x, X570 motherboard, gtx 750TI) it works properly, no issues.

When I connect it to another computer (Windows 10 or Windows 7 [tried both], LGA775, Q6600, gtx 750TI (same as above) or an older GPU (Nvidia GT 1GB)) [tried both] it randomly goes black for a few seconds. then shows the image again. It happens randomly, sometimes every few minutes, sometimes twice in 10 seconds, sometimes it only happens after 20 minutes.

I've tested with the same GPU (750TI) on both computers. On the computer where it happens I've tried 750TI with Windows 7, and Nvidia GT 1GB with Windows 10.

When I connect the display to the second computer via VGA the issue disappears. Also no issues with other monitors connected via VGA or DVI.

I've tried different power sockets, houses, GPUs, HDMI cables, power cables. tried adding UPS, but nothing helps.

What could be the problem?