Question Display going black, random reboots, solutions?

Does it work

Jun 3, 2017
Sometimes the screen goes black and doesn't return till a reboot. Sometimes the system may just restart itself out of the blue. It's usually fine after that reboot for a good while however.

Examples of crash scenarios are simply the league of legends client (it always wants to run 3 instances, when running 1 like it should it is fine (usually through manual stop), or loading a mission in warframe, never had a crash actually in games/missions, its always loading or a client of some sort.

May be worth mentioning, that while MSI Dragon Center used to work perfectly fine, attempting to open it now forces a restart.

I did load of different benchmarks to try and crash it (all unigine benchmarks, heavyload, 3dmark, pass mark suite etc), it didn't. I could point at the cpu as definite source if the cpu benching (cinebench passmark etc) crashed it, but they didn't.

I recorded a BurnIn stress Test on all relevant components with no errors and a HWmonitor log alongside all the benchmarks.

Parts list:
PSU is SSR-650FX Seasonic Focus Gold Plus 650W.
3 fans on molex
Refer to BurnIn test below for remaining parts.

Any ideas or potential fixes?
I could possibly use my 1050ti and just check to make sure gpu isnt crashing system? Though I'm not sure it's still reliable after 2-3 years running on a raidmax psu, system it was in was starting to fail (stupid large amounts of BSOD)

Still worth a shot?

Any other ideas?
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