Question Display Issue with Asus VivoBook 15


Jan 15, 2015
Good afternoon all,

Have had this laptop for only a few months, nothing fancy, standard Core i5 Model, 8 Gigs of Ram and it uses the onboard video processor. This issue that has been presenting itself is that after extensive use, text starts to get distorted, to the point that it is unreadable. As if it is not displaying all of the pixels in the letter, as well as making the text look larger.

Additionally the image will vibrate/shudder vertically only, never horizontally. If you do a Windows Print Screen, the image that is captured is correct, text is fine etc. Rebooting fixes the issue right away and it will work correctly for hours, but then it happens again.

Loose connection for the display, faulty display or CPU/onboard GPU issue? Any thoughts?

Thank you,


When the issue on your display crops up, does the back of the screen(laptop's lid) feel warm or hot to the touch? You could try and check to see what BIOS version you're currently on for your laptop at the time of this writing. You can use CPU-Z to tell you about your motherboard's BIOS version. Speaking of your laptop, please parse the SKU to your laptop to better understand what you have under the hood of that laptop. Cross reference Asus's support site to see if you've got any BIOS updates pending. Gradually work your way to the latest.

What version of Windows 10 are you working with? Ideally you should be on version 20H2. Does the graphical issue crop up when you've tethered the laptop to an external display? Last effort would be to reinstall the OS, after fabricating the bootable USB installer using Windows Media Creation Tools. I'd first download all the latest drivers for the laptop and store them on a pen drive prior to reinstalling the OS. Once the OS install is complete, manually reinstall all relevant drivers for your laptop in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.