Question Display issues with LG Smart TV ?

Oct 30, 2021
Hello! I have an LG model 28MT49S that does not turn on. I have disassembled the casing and an integrated circuit can be seen that seems burnt. I decided to buy a used board on Ebay because I couldn't repair this one and now I have a "different" problem to which you may have an answer...
The fact is that I have mounted the used board that I bought and the result is that the TV turns on but shows the image with a pinkish tone.
The ebay seller sent me another board and I still get the same result, pink image tones and poor resolution... Any other damaged components? different firmware?

The original board and the two that have been sent to me are reference EAX672581 03 (1.0)
The only thing I see that changes is a sticker that shows a V03.60.01 and V3.09.1 and the original was V3.55.02 and V3.08.1
I have searched how to access the service menu and looking for information it seems that I should change LVDS Bit in TOOL OPTION 1 from the option that I have to the other available, I have done it with both cards and I continue with the problem. Is there any other option to modify?

well, can you access service menu? there you should be able to set your display panel type,its capabilities and calibrate its colors

probably you just have to change lvds format without any color calibration
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