Question Display No signal and on/off blinking


Nov 22, 2014
Today i installed and launched witcher 3 and my Display goes No Signal. I checked the display menu and in that some settings are missing, so I turned of the display and then turn it on again, and the display worked again. (I didn't have to restart the pc, when I restart the display game was already running)
Then after some hours of gaming I exited the game and went to washroom, when I came Bach display was blinking on/off (Display power looked okay because the rgb,hologram and power led was lit, connection looked okay because there wasn't any no signal error)
In curiosity I unplugged display power and again plugged it. Now it stopped blinking.
I am wondering what was the issue, any suggestions.
I recently bought the monitor (it's not even month old)

My specs: cpu i72600k (an antique piece😁)
GPU GTX 1060
Ram 10 gigs
PSU cooler master 550 w bronze
Display Asus Rog strix xg248

Edit: my Nvidia driver version 430.86
Os: win 10 1809
My monitor was connected to pc via displayport and 2.1 speakers pin was connected to displays audio output.
I frequently switch between adaptive sync and ELMB, to check which one works better, is that a possible reason for the issue.
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To rule out a faulty display, try and pair it with a known working donor system. You might also want to share the model for the Cooler Master PSU and it's age. Is it as old as the processor? How do you have 10GB's of ram on your system? Mind sharing the loadout and the specs of each stick of ram? Lastly, mention the make and model of your motherboard. You should be on Windows 10 1903, ideally.