Question Display no Signal. Tried basically everything, please need some advice


Jul 30, 2017
Hi there.

Saturday i cleaned my PC with Air spray (never had problems with it) and after that no matter what i tried, i could not get signal on my 2 Monitors/ PC
Cleaned inside, took CPU out, there was a little thermo paste on it. Cleaned.
Cpu felt on the GPU, small drop, no damage visible and i tried another CPU while i was having the problem. Cant be the CPU.
Mobo, again, there was a little dry thermo on the CPU socket, cleaned it. I did unbend a few pins. Didnt break them. My especulation MOBO.
Cleaned the Ram slots, tried everyone of them, tried without Ram. Nothing still no signal. Cant be RAM.
Tried a few display cables (Have 2 of them. VGA - Hdmi), PSU cables. Still nothing. Maybe the cables ? How both stopped working a the same time makes no sense.
Maybe GPU since CPU felt on it. No, tried with another GPU still no signal. Can't be GPU.
Tried with 3 Monitors. Nothing.
PSU maybe ? Don't have another to try, but i guess the symptoms are not related to it ?

As of today, tried 1 Monitor using 1 VGA-Hdmi cable on a notebook, and it worked. Not solution worked on PC desktop
I don't know what else to try or do. No blue screen of death, just black screen with no signal. Can't access Mobo.
MOBO ? Can't hear any beep noises

Can some people with more knowledge and experience try and help me pin point the problem ?

Sorry, i know it's a very common problem, but i tried everything at my disposal


Mobo MSI h97 pc mate
i7 4770k
gtx 1060 3gb
20 GB ram
500 SSD
PSU corsair 550w gold.

Thank you in advance