Question Display not working after installing a new RAM stick

Jul 4, 2022
So recently, I purchased myself a new 8GB RAM stick to enable better performance on my PC for games as before my 8GB was limiting my performance. Today the RAM stick arrived and I tried installing it. At first I got a message saying the RAM wasn't installed properly; I then reseated it in the RAM slot. Afterwards, my PC would boot without a display, my keyboard and mouse would get power for a second then go down to minimum power. I have tried reseating my RAM, CMOS Battery and GPU. I have also tried using just my old stick of RAM and now that doesn't work alone and neither does my new stick. What now?

Motherboard - ASUS A320M-K
GPU - GTX 1660 Super
CPU - Ryzen 5 3600
PSU - Corsair C550
Old RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 8gb DDR4
New RAM - Kingston Fury Beast 8GB DDR4


Jul 14, 2021
First of all, I'm no expert in this... but sounds like a similar problem I had when upgrading the ram on my laptop.
Same as you, I had 8 GB and bought another and when I installed it, it didn't seem to work. Tried to change it to see if the slot on the notebook was busted, didn't work either. Put the other stick back where it was, would't boot.
From that point on I just wanted my notebook to work again so I just kept trying to reseat the original stick until it booted normally. Then, since the "reseating method" seemed effective, I repeated it with the second stick and to my surprise it eventually everything was working just fine.
I should note that I don't exactly remember how many times I did it, but it couldn't have been more that 3-4 times each stick.