Question Display not working except for very brief flickers of display


Aug 25, 2016
Hi guys,
As the title suggests my LG monitor stopped working without showing any issues the day before, when the PC is turned on, it doesn't even display the LG logo properly before cutting off, then it stays black with brief flickers not too often where I can see my desktop
Funny thing is, this is the second monitor this has happened to, I had it replaced with my back up, only to get hit with the same issue not 2 months later
Im concerned to replace it yet again without finding out why this happens

And no, this is not an issue with the PC or the HDMI, since even with the hdmi disconnected, it still only flickers the 'no signal message' just like it did before

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance


Sep 22, 2017
So you are saying that it flickers like this while only being powered on? With no HDMI cable?
also: is it a blink or a flicker?
Does the flicker seem like its not supposed to flicker like that, if it does, and it is only connected to a power cable. Id look up how to factory reset the monitor with a combination of buttons if it is possible, if after doing that, you still have the issue when it is ONLY connected to power.....then id venture to say that your monitor is fried or id check the connections on the back of the monitor for debris, bent pins......another thought:

Is the monitor connected to surge protector? I blew out a few pieces of equipment over the course of a few months and didn't figure out why until I noticed the only common factor was that I was plugging them into the same 120v electrical outlet. Turns out that circuit is not stable or something, putting too much load on it will flip the breaker...AND...break whatever is plugged in to that particular outlet.

Try the same monitor on a different computer or a game console, to help determine if it is indeed the monitor itself.

and I know it sounds silly but it has to be said ;)…..hit input button to see if you are possibly on wrong input or even able to switch input at all.