Question Display occasionally blacking out/Screen divided in half, with one side darker than the other

Aug 20, 2019
As the title states, I am having a couple odd issues. I will start with the most common one first.

Problem 1:
I have noticed that sometimes my screen will just black out and will not come back up until a reboot. Most times, the audio is still playing, but sometimes everything cuts out all at once. This does happen a few times a week and I notice it more when playing a video game. I assume this is probably a graphics card issue, but not sure.

Things I have tried:
I have tried Windows re-installs, I have tried different drivers for the video card, I have tried changing video settings. Tried taking the video card out and putting it back in, etc.

Problem 2:
I noticed at least once so far that the screen was divided in half, the left side was brighter than the other and the right side was much darker. Both sides were still visible, and you could clearly see a line down the middle dividing the two sides. I have never seen this before and have no idea if this is most likely monitor or video card related.

Things I have tried:
Nothing yet, other than reseating the cable and pulling out the power.

Any ideas would be helpful. Because of all the trouble I had with the video card, I am starting to believe it is bad and am not sure what I can do to further diagnose and confirm that.