Question Display Port in GPU and VGA in graphics board doesn't work! HELP

Apr 17, 2019
Hello community. Sorry for my bad english.

I have two monitors a PANASONIC(don't know the model is something cheap for my second monitor) and a AOC G2590PX . The PANASONIC i keep it on VGA cable connected to the motherboard graphics and the AOC on HDMI and they work properly. I got a DVI cable for be able to enjoy the 144hz on the AOC but if i have the VGA cable connected to the graphics board with the AOC connected into the display port it says NO SIGNAL. If i disconnect the display port and let just the VGA it works fine, if i try to replug the display port the display port don't work. I tryed to enable the graphics card from motherboard in bios but that didn't help

Phillip Corcoran

Using both integrated & PCI/PCIe GPUs at the same time won't work unless motherboard BIOS supports it. By default, integrated GPU is disabled when a graphics card is detected, in order to avoid driver & resources conflict. Both monitors must be connected to the graphics card if it supports two or more monitors. This may entail using an active adapter for one of your existing monitors.