Question Display Port not working on rtx 3070

May 31, 2021
I just bought a second monitor for my set-up (AOC C24G1A) and I'm trying to use my DisplayPort cable to connect it to my GPU because it is 165hz, however, whenever it is connected via displayport it just says "No Signal". It works perfectly fine with HDMI and I even tested it on my second monitor (MSI MAG241c) and it still doesn't get any signal. I tested all 3 ports on my GPU and even tested a new cable but I still haven't had any luck. I have all the updated drives for intel, Nvidia, and my motherboard.
if you've tested multiple displays and with multiple cables on the same port with no response,
my first thought would be that the port has malfunctioned.

it's possible that it could be a software issue, but unlikely.
remove all graphics related drivers, files, settings, etc with DDU in safemode.
restart and re-install the latest driver package directly from Nvidia.

if the issue remains;
i would bet it is a hardware malfunction and the card needs to be replaced.