Question Display Port on Benq Mobiuz EX2510s not Working on 1.2 DP Cable,

Sep 25, 2022
Hi there,
I hope you guys doing great.
I was using ASUS VG278QR with my Aorus 2080 Super with 1.4 DP port.
Week ago I decided to switch to IPS Display so I found Benq Mobiuz 2510s as reasonable option because due to shortage and high dollar exchange rate I decided this Display.
I bought it 3 days ago and it is working with HDMI cable but the reason I bought it was to activate G-Sync(I know it's FreeSync premium but I saw many reviews where G-Sync Works). Benq didn't include any display port cable so I went to buy it from local market.
I bought different 1.2 cables but every time I connect it with PC (in my GPU 2080 Super with 1.4 DP) and Display, it says "No Signal Detected"
I did these possible solutions:
  1. Upgraded Bios
  2. Downgraded GPU Drivers
  3. Removed GPU Drivers
4.Decrease refresh rate to 60hz
5.Tried my friend's 1.2 cable and many 1.2 cables.
6. I removed my GPU and connected with my Mother Board Display Port and it worked. It means the Display D Port is working.

The question in my mind is that I need 1.4 DP Cable because 2510s is HDR supported, there might be chances the 1.2 cables I bought didn't support HDR that's why the Signal is not Being detected? although I didn't turned on HDR yet.
Also my GPU have 1.4 ports, I know they might be backward supported to 1.2 but it can be issue.
The 1.4 cables are not easily available in my country. I have to import it so any of you technical guys have knowledge regarding that issue?