Question Display port on laptop only working at low hz?

Sep 1, 2022
I have a ASUS ROG Laptop G733QS with a 3080 rtx.
USB-C 3.2 is also a displayport, and to output with nvidia card to bypass Nvidia optimus, I necessary need to pass through it.

I've tried so far their HDMI cable plus an adapter to usb-c to connect to the laptop and, using this combo, it output using correctly the nvidia 3080 card.

My disappoint is that it goes only at 50hz! I've a 2k monitor 21:9 (3184x1440p or something like that), and it's very disappointing, so I'm wondering if it's a limit of the cable or the laptop itself.

Sadly, I've ask the asus call center and they don't know lol.

Laptop screen itself is at 165hz and even the integrated radeon can work at that resolution (but it's a 17 inch display not 34).

So my question is: could be a limit of the output itself and so, it's useless to try to use an external monitor? Or, it's a cable limit (using the same hdmi cable directly to the hdmi port and so passing via integrated radeon card, it goes at least at 80hz! So I think it's absurd that the nvidia can't work above it...)? there`s a way to get at what real res/hz this graphic card could work with external monitors?

Thank you so much!!!!
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

See if the laptop has any BIOS updates pending, then try and manually uninstall(using DDU) and reinstall your GPU drivers, then pair the laptop with an external panel with the same pair of cables and then again with another pair of cables.