Question Display Port showing BIOS, but not Windows

Mar 9, 2019
I just finished a new PC, but the DisplayPorts on my RX580 are giving me no signal on my monitors when Windows boots, but it shows me the BIOS screen before booting and displays BIOS settings no problem. The HDMI ports work fine. I’ve updated the GPU drivers but that didn’t fix it. Everything displayed fine during the Windows install as well. The monitors are old second-hand Dell monitors running DVI to DisplayPort cables, but I’ve been using both for years on another PC with no issues.

I don’t have a full spec list in front of me because I’m on mobile and this is the only computer in the house, but this should be the relevant info:
MSI b450 Tomahawk Mobo
AMD Ryzen 7 3.2 GHz
ATI RX 580 by MSI
16g GSkill Ripjaw DDR4