Question Display problem on HP laptop

Sep 24, 2021
I have a HP 15-r263dx laptop it has Windows 10 64 Home installed and the BIOS is F.46 dated 11/22/2018.

It worked great until I installed Window 10. After installing Windows 10 the brightness would change from normal to dim about once every 30 seconds. If the laptop is running on its battery it is normal, but once you plug it in the Brightness starts cycling again. I checked the BIOS and found there was a newer one and installed it. That did now cure the problem, so I thought maybe I should reinstall Window with clean install. After install Windows 10 appeared to be normal, restarted it several times and everything was great. But after Window installed its updates the screen went black. I could see the hard drive was active and felt Windows had loaded, I unplugged the power and the display came on.

This is where I am now, if the laptop is running on its battery it works fine, but as soon as you plug in the charger the screen goes black like the display is being turned off.

Anybody have any ideas?