Display randomly shuts off during games. Have to unplug the wire to turn it off and reboot it.

Aman Ali

Feb 15, 2014
So I have a bit of a problem regarding my pc. I have upgraded the pc by buying a new mobo, cpu, gpu, and ram.
Went from
i7-3820 -> Ryzen 5 2600x
Gtx 1060 3gb -> RTX 2070
12GB DDR3-1600Mhz -> 16GB DDR4-3000Mhz

So, there are mainly two problems that I have with this new setup.

1. When I am playing games, my display would randomly shut down. I cannot get it back to work after that and if I try to turn it off via power button, nothing happens. I actually have to unplug the power from the computer to turn it off so I can reboot it. I notice that these shut downs or more prevalent in AAA titles with nice graphics (fortnite, BFV, etc) but games like League of Legends I can run fine.

2. When I run these games, I also have coil whine. It only happens when I am playing games. I have ran Prime95 and tested my CPU and RAM for a good 15 minutes and have not heard coil whine at all.I assume it's from the GPU.

3. OC'ing anything emphasizes the problems stated above

I am not too sure what's causing these problems, but I believe it's my power supply. My power supply is some OEM (I had a prebuilt computer) chinese psu thats 650 watts 80+gold rated. It is about 6 years old right now. I've also heard coil whine is caused mainly by the PSU. My friend has a spare EVGA 650W Psu lying around that he doesn't mind giving to me. I'll try to see if that ends up fixing my problems.

What do you guys think the problem is?