Question Display turns black showing no signal while gaming

Feb 28, 2020
Hello everyone,

i assembled a budget pc. everything was working fine. booted up windows installed some games. it was giving good fps with low temps. when one day after windows updated my pc started crashing while gaming. there was no error message only black screen with no signal text. i took the side panel of the case and saw all of the fans were running. it was no problem for a while because all i had to do was restart and i could run games again until it crashed. it was like this for 2 or 3 days. but then my pc would crash when i pressed any key at the sign in screen of windows 10. at this point i had no idea what was going on. so i took the side panel off again and smelled something burning. upon closer inspection it was the 6+2 pcie connector that was burning. the plastic on some of the pins were a tiny bit melted. so i replugged the pins and everything was back to normal. again sometime after the same problem came back this time however i had to replug the graphics card to stop the annoying problem even then it worked only some times. however i noticed that uninstalling the amd software from safe mode would fix the problem but the problem would come back when ever i would install the driver again, i tried installing older versions of the amd software. nothing seems to work.

my pc specs:

core i 5-2400 processor
AMD rx 470 4gb saphire nitro
msi h61 motherboard
4 gigs of ddr3 ram.
128 gb kingston ssd
cooler master extreme 2 525 watt psu
e-mag tower casing.

The Paladin

Melting wires are not something to ignore, it is usually a sign of an electrical short, and can cause other issues along the way (killing a video card for example) but my instinct would be to suggest to test your video card in another system, it is possible your 8 pin power cable is bad or the video card 8 pin connector has fried the board.