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Question Display won't connect and USBs are unresponsive

Jun 27, 2020
Hey going to be very descriptive and put stuff that probably doesn't relate, but I'm getting really confused and I guess any detail could help. So I built a computer 5 years ago with a AMD 970 Gaming motherboard, Older AMD CPU, 16 GB of DDR3 Ram, and I think a Radeon 380. It was working until my graphics card broke so I replaced it 3 years ago with a GTX 1060. It worked fine up until a week ago. I went to start up my computer. Everything lit up and all the fans turned on as usual, but there was no display. I changed the cable going from my graphics card to my monitor and the monitor just kept flipping through sources like nothing was plugged in. On top of that, when I plugged in anything (Keyboard, Mouse, Mic, ETC) no lights on the bottom of my mouse or keyboard would light up and seemed to be unresponsive. So I restarted and the motherboard beeped 5 times which meant the CPU connection was messed up, so I reseated it. Still nothing. So I got a new motherboard, a Aorus B450 M, purchased a Ryzen 7 3700, and got two new sticks of 8GB DDR4 RAM. I spent yesterday replacing and rewiring everything. I started it up and all the fans (including CPU fan) and all the LEDs lit up, but still whenever I plug in any keyboard or mouse (I've tried multiple) there is no response or sign that it is powered. And Still no response from the Display. I've tried taking out the graphics card and plugging straight into the onboard graphics. I've tried multiple DVI and HDMI cables. I've tried different monitors and replacing the battery on the motherboard. There is no beeping from the speaker that anything is wrong. Any Ideas? I'm sort of stuck. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!