Question Displaying separate instances whilst hiding labels in taskbar

Jun 7, 2019
I am one of those people with an unspeakable number of browser tabs, but I also thematically distribute them across windows.
My only problem is that each the chrome windows stack, and hovering over the icon on the taskbar and then having to identify the correct window is a hassle.
The closest thing I found to a solution in Windows settings was:

Windows settings > Personalisation > Taskbar > Combine taskbar buttons > Never

The name of the setting is deceiving, though, as the presented options are for labels and not icons.
Is there any way to separate the windows as such without displaying the labels?


Hi and welcome to the forums. I just downloaded and tested 7+ Taskbar Tweaker and it will separate different Chrome windows (not tabs) on the taskbar. I tested it on Windows 10 ver 1903.

It is a program that has to be running in order for it to work. Its icon sits in the tray near the clock. Just open it and click on "Don't group" in the middle row of settings and you should be set to go.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker