Question Displayport no signal the next day I start computer


May 13, 2015
Hey, recently I upgraded my cable from DVI to DP, and it works fine until I turn off my computer and start it the next time which is usually the next day. It will come up with "Displayport no signal" no matter what I do, the only thing that seems to work is taking all the power off the computer and monitor for a little while, before booting it back up. Today I even took the video card (GTX 970) out because I noticed the back of the casing was somewhat blocking the port (the cable clicks in though and is unable to be pulled out without holding the button to release on the cable itself) but I was unable to address that issue and I just cleaned the connectors and case instead. In my Windows, it will recognize the screen but it will stay screen undetected and the settings remain greyed out. Does anyone have a fix for this problem? Could updating my BIOS fix this? I am running on version 3003, and there are a couple newer versions out.

To summarize, the Displayport works fine, until I shut down the system and start it up again.

i7 4790k
16GB Ram
GTX 970
Asus Maximus VII Hero
some Cooler Master 500W PSU
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