Question DisplayPort No Signal

Aug 17, 2019
Hey, I recently rebuilt my computer with the same components as before other than a new PSU & case - it's all gone well other than one weird issue. For some reason I am getting no signal from my DisplayPorts even though it was completely fine prior to the rebuild and HDMI is still working perfectly.

Here's some information about my build and the tests I've done:

  • i7 7700k CPU
  • ZOTAC 2080 Blower GPU
  • 32GB of Ballistix 2400mhz RAM
  • ASRock Z270 Gaming K6 Motherboard
  • Asus Predator XB252Q Monitor
  • I have tried power cycling both the PC and monitor
  • I have uninstalled the graphics drivers with DDU and then reinstalled them
  • I have ensured windows and the Nvidia control panel are on max performance
  • I have tried reseating my GPU
  • I have tried two different DP cables
  • I have tried using my 1060 instead of my 2080, which had the same problem of the DP not working but HDMI being perfectly fine
  • I have tried updating the BIOS
  • I have also tried a couple windows-related fixes
Other information:
  • I receive no signal on my monitor, and it will also not show up in Windows at all
  • Even when stress-tested, playing games, etc. the PC works as expected other than this issue
  • As mentioned before, this was not an issue prior to the rebuild of the computer - so I believe that it's highly unlikely to be something related to the monitor but who knows
If someone has any idea how I could fix this I'd really appreciate it, I look forward to your responses :)


Sep 25, 2016
Hi, sry I didn't read all your text but just want to share what worked for me. HDMI worked fine but not DisplayPort. I disconnected the HDMI cable letting only DP be connected and while having the computer on without any image on my monitor I reset the CMOS of my bios by pressing the reset CMOS button at the back of my motherboard (MSI). After that I booted up my computer again and lo and behold, there was signal again through the DP!