Question displayport not being detected... tried 2 different monitor with 2 different cables each.


Feb 20, 2022
i currently have a OEM motherboard by gigabyte, and a manufacturer 3070 ti. whenever i connect a displayport, my monitor(s) only show the bios/boot and when the computer is started it goes black. i tried all 3 of my displayport ports and none of them seem to work, so its obviously a problem with my motherboard or graphics card. anyone else having this problem?
checked it, all seems compatible
Here's the thing you can try: start the system using monitor connected to HDMI. Once you are in Windows, connect DP cable while HDMI connection is still on (it's ok to connect single monitor with two different cables at the same time), then go to NVidia Control Panel and see what status it shows for all the GPU ports. You can try reconnecting the cable to different DP ports on GPU live if necessary. If that won't cause DP connection to be detected then you might have a faulty GPU.