Question DisplayPort says no signal.

May 7, 2021
The other day I was using my pc and it was working totally fine. And then I turn it off, and hop on the next day and the monitor says that my DisplayPort has no display which doesn’t make sense considering my pc is working totally fine, and my monitor seems to be working fine. I have tried every troubleshoot fix possible. I even unplugged the DisplayPort and let it sit all night, and then plugged it back in the next day. No fix will work which I find weird since I have tried some of the troubleshoot in the past which has worked since my monitor usually does this every couple of months. But this time it is different since no troubleshoot method is working. I also want to say that I am on a desktop pc, and I have an Asus monitor. I am like 100% certain that I plugged everything in correctly.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Might want to mention the make and model of your display. If the display has another input available, try and connect your desktop to the available port alone, leaving out the DP cable that you've worked with prior. Make and model of your discrete GPU? Assuming that you're on a discrete GPU since you've made no mention if you're working with an iGPU(off the motherboard) or a discrete GPU. You can also try and take your discrete GPU(assuming) to a donor system that has necessary power for the entire buidl with your discrete card, to see if you get semblance of life from said GPU.

Also, make and model of your PSU and it's age?