Question DisplayPort to VGA doesn't work. I try everything.


You're wasting money with those adapters. Some work, some don't. No telling which ones will work for you.

The problem is VGA is an analog signal and DisplayPort is a digital signal. Converting it isn't as simple as just adding a converter. In all honesty, your best bet would be to save your money until you can purchase a new monitor that has a digital input (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D)

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Hi. i Have 1050ti Graphic Card. I wanna use 3 monitor but i cant, cause dipslayport to vga doesn't work. I try everything, windows updates, bios updates, drivers updates, another converter etc. I can see 3 monitors in the display settings but no screen on third monitor

This is the converter i bought:Çevirici-Dönüştürücü-Adaptör/dp/B07HGYN49Y

please help me :(
Does the GPU supports dual-mode DisplayPort (DP++)?

On a multi-monitor setup, to send a signal to a VGA monitor from DP, the GPU should support DP++...otherwise you might need a active DP to VGA adapter.
If your GPU supports dual-mode DisplayPort (DP++), you can use a passive adapter like the one you got to send signal from DP to a VGA monitor otherwise you need an active adapter like this Startech DP to VGA adapter