Question Displays freezing randomly, stuck without a solution :(

May 24, 2023
Good morning,

I am struggling to find solutions to pc stability issue i'm having. Trying to figure out of it's software or hardware. Perhaps someone could have another look ?

The issue:
PC Displays will randomly freeze and become unresponsive. Sometimes displays turn black right away, sometimes the image remains and I can still hear audio but nothing is responsive. When the screens turn black, PC looks like it is restarting (fans rev up a bit) but nothing comes up on display. There is also a third "scenario" where I get a random restart out of nowhere (Kernel Power error) Always soon after the screen freeze and forced power shutdown. This scenario is rare and usually once my pc randomly restarts, screen freezes no longer happen that day.
Another thing to note: I feel like it's following some sort of schedule or something. It's not always the same time of the day, but very often lets say 30 min after turning pc on. Basically it seems to be unstable at the start of the day, and then in the evening hasn't happened even once - always in the morning. I would go through troubleshooting and trying to fix it in the morning, and then be happy in the evening thinking it's fixed only for the same thing to happen next morning.
Over this 2-3 week period this issue happened around 1-2 times a day on average, recently up to 4-5 times the past couple days.

I have reinstalled windows a couple days ago, wiping all files clean. Strangely the drivers remained - maybe that's the problem ? I do feel like it is likely a driver issue, but so far my effort fixing that has been in vain. Could it be faulty hardware ? I have never had hardware fail on me so I don't have first hand experience of what may it look like ?

I can game and put pressure on my hardware and there has not been a single issue in that regard.
EDIT: also when my PC was in safe mode, I did not get any freezes. But the screen was turning black for a second and then coming back every 10s or so ( similar to when GPU drivers being updated, just constant)
I am not sure if this is an indication of Hardware issue ?

Event Viewer Logs:

After the crash I can often find there was a Gpu related Error:

Exported App and System Logs:

Reliability Monitor:
Seems to be pointing at faulty hardware :( Going to look further into that

My Troubleshooting so far:
1. Updated all drivers
2. Reinstalled windows from scratch
2.1 Updated drivers again (only 2 display drivers showed that there was a need for update after windows reinstal. Weird)
3. Updated windows
4. Checked all the cables and sockets in case loose.
4.1Disconnected secondary monitor

5. Started win in safe mode: (screen keeps switching off for 1 second and back on every 10s. Guessing it's due to lack of drivers.
Used "DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth" and "sfc /scannow" to scan+repair missing win files
> "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.
For online repairs, details are included in the CBS log file located at

6. Used DDU to wipe GPU drivers clean in safe mode and installed 528.49 Nvidia Studio drivers from April
7. Set power options in Nvidia settings and Windows Settings to Max Performance
8. Reseated RAM and GPU
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May 24, 2023
Try using one memory stick at a time on your motherboard. If problem persists use the other. This way you can eliminate the memory as the problem.
I have done memtest provided by windows, did not seem to find any issues. Do you see something in reports that makes you think it's the memory issue, or that is just a general advice ?