Question Displays go black randomly and monitors will not reset - computer stays on and is functional while everything is black


Sep 16, 2013
The only way to reset this is to hard shutdown the computer for 5 seconds then restart. After doing this, only one display will be back on. Twice now after the restart the 2nd monitor will still be off until i turn it back on manually in the nvidia settings, and the primary screen background will be black with white dots.
So far I have reinstalled gpu drivers using DDU, updating BIOS to latest version, reseated everything in there.
  • Full specy link to parts
  • 12900k
  • EVGA 3080TI
  • 16GB Ram 3600MHZ
  • MSI PRO Z690-A
  • 500GB m.2 NVME
  • 1000W PSU
  • Dell 1440 @144hz + 4k at 60hz monitors using display cables
I'm not getting and BSOD minidumps. But i have gotten these DWM.exe errors a few times
Problem signature
Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
Application Name:    dwm.exe
Application Version:    10.0.22000.1
Application Timestamp:    7cbe2305
Fault Module Name:    dwmcore.dll
Fault Module Version:    10.0.22000.493
Fault Module Timestamp:    3d45b671
Exception Code:    8898008d
Exception Offset:    000000000011e0f6
OS Version:    10.0.22000.
Locale ID:    1033
Additional Information 1:    11e7
Additional Information 2:    11e7b28e832689b1b585bd341fb00da6
Additional Information 3:    9cbd
Additional Information 4:    9cbd65d25ab75f41a097f50ffd8f5c14

I also have these LivekernalEvents, but i'm pretty sure it's from the hard resets.
Hardware error

‎2/‎22/‎2022 1:49 PM

A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.

Problem signature
Problem Event Name:    LiveKernelEvent
Code:    1a8
Parameter 1:    1
Parameter 2:    0
Parameter 3:    0
Parameter 4:    0
OS version:    10_0_22000
Service Pack:    0_0
Product:    768_1
OS Version:    10.0.22000.
Locale ID:    1033
Also recieved a 1b8 error
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Jun 28, 2018
Hi all
I have troubleshooted my sons gaming pc for more then ½ year now and just today found plausible root cause for black screen on windows crashing + all GPU fans spins max speed.

This issue is a periodical error and increases slowly over time and gets more uniform.
Issue shows in the beginning black screen appears during gaming randomly.
Then after some time it is appearing during loading games mostly graphics demanding games like Black dessert online and World of Warcraft.

During the troubleshooting (Games with more demanding Graphics tend to crash more frequently) .

The Issue was solved by Disassembling/Cleaning/Reassembling the Y-power PCIe Cable from PSU to the GPU + GPU Pcie interface 3.0 x16 interface.
The Rig is build with the Asus GTX 1070 Strix 8GB Gaming GPU and I have used Y-power cable with 2 x 6 pin Connector from PSU to connect to the 8 Pin Power connector on GPU.

This cable has ben in use for 2013 when i bought Asus Maximus VI formula as newest asus formula version at that time.

When i examine the the connector y cable some of the pins is more eroded (black wires) and other are still with golden looks.

So by cleaning with glass brush, I succeeded to improve the y-cable connections.
Also the GPU Print paths lanes interface PCIe 3.0 x16 where softly cleaned with the Glass brush + Isopropyl alcohol. Be aware to vacuum clean all the small glass peace's that unavoidable will break off during this process + (wear Protective Glasses)

The good thing about this issue is that, it turned out to be less expensive so I will probably order a new Power Y-cable for the GPU....;-).

By the way my Power Supply is a good old 1200Watt PC Power & Cooling, has been working impeccable even without the Power supply Fan spinning.

I know it is a rather old system but if the connections is good and clean, it will still do the job....;-)
Regards CBangs
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Jun 28, 2018
Bythe way, my rig is running windows 10 pro (64 bit) as follows:
Cabinet: Cooler Master, (Storm Stryker).
Motherboard: Asus, (Maximus VI Formula).
CPU: Intel, (Core i7 4770K_OC 4,5GHz)
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master, (Neptun Liquied Cooler280L)
RAM: G.Skill, (4 x 4GB TridentX/XMP2400 (16GB)
Boot drive (C: Samsung, (SSD 860 QVO 1TB)
Data drive: (F: Seagate SSHD, ST2000DX001 (2TB)
Power Supply: PC Power & Cooler, (1200 Watt Silencer Mk. III).
Monitor: Dell, (S1724DG <1msec/165Hz).
Peripheral equipment: Logitech Keyboard and Mice.
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Jun 28, 2018
Things I had to try but did not solve my issue:
*Cleaning and dusting of all parts inside the cabinet.
*Reinstalling Windows 10 Pro on same SSD.
*Reinstalling Windows 10 Pro on New Boot device.
*Updating GPU Drivers.
*Reinstalling GPU drivers.
*Removing resent windows software updates to known working backup
*Replacing Bios Battery. (solved another issue with loosing 4 ssd raid0 configuration)
*Replacing Termal compound GPU.
*Replacing Termal compound CPU.
*Replacing Graphic card did solve issue but was not the issue.
*Switching to intel internal CPU graphics did isolate issue towards direction GPU but was not the solution.
*Running GPU benchmark did show result in lower end, but did not crash. but pointed that GPU performance could be improved.
*Many times the GPU has been removed from system ad cables has been reconnected and system has been working for approx 14 day until issue is returning.

Regads CBangs
Apr 22, 2022
The restart issue is a BIOS issue. Update the BIOS and it will be fixed.

The random shut downs of black screen - I have not been able to fix. I get them randomly almost every day. It may be a faulty GPU
Yea i change my graphics card and its fine now. But like the guy above me said, it solved the issue but isnt the problem


Jun 28, 2018
Hi everyone and as reply to @Khusuf the issue with random black screen seems to be solved as follow:

*Just to clear out, It has not been a bios related issue in my case.

After improving bad Y-power PCIe Cable from PSU to the GPU , as described above. the issue sadly came back. I found it was not necessary to use the Y-Power Cable due to my Powersupply have a extra PCIe Power ready for use.

2.nd Then i discovered the Asus Motherboard MaximusVI Formula has a extra 4-pin (EATX12V_2) Power connector and this 4-pin Power connector that was coming loose.

After reconnecting system the Black screen issue has diapered...;-).

**Just to clear out I'm sure in my case it was due to not enough power delivered from PSU to Mainboard CPU.

***Issue Black Screen has vanished since....;-)

Of cause we know over time electronics wear out and due to issue vanish after replacing back my old graphic card could seem as if had a broken GPU GTX1070. but this was not the case.
****Climax: The issue was not visible with the old Graphic card, due to the less Power consumption(Bad connected power connectors).


Jun 28, 2018
Hi again @Khusuf, Let us hear if find any loosen power connectors.

I exclude Black Screen issue as windows based due to then I believe it should show up as a blue screen issue instead.

Blue Screen issue seem to follow my system when I Overclock to 4.5GHz more frequent so I have stabelized system by reducing to a sweet spot Overclock 4.2GHz and this has removed any Blue screen issues as well.

Regards CBangs