Question Displays not showing up ?

Oct 20, 2017
Hello! I have recently been having some issues with a computer I use to DJ & run a light show and music for our local skating rink, however recently it has been acting up. Here is what happens..

When I start the PC from any state (cold boot, sleep etc) the display is blank, I have to click the restart button on the case many times to get the display to finally turn on. When it does finally turn on I get my main display for the DJ at the booth. And then for the skaters they can watch music videos and etc from the 2 projectors, and 4 TV's mounted on the wall. However for some reason the 2-4TV's on the wall don't work, but the rest of the displays do and they are all on the same splitter.

Anyone have any suggestions onto why I have display issues when I start the PC, and why the two TV's don't work ? The two TV's that do not work are Panasonic brand. They all used to work fine, but this all started last week. The only thing I tried to see if this would fix the issue is doing a clean install with DDU for the video card, and installing the newest driver. The video card in the PC is a 2070 Super (Very overkill for its use I know, lol)