Dissappeared HD partitions after W2k Sp2 update.


Nov 11, 2001
I have Windows 98 SE installed on c: drive and I installed Windows 2000 on d: drive. After I installed Sp2 to update Win 2k, some of my partitions disappered.

Here are my drive config.
Drive 1 - c:,e:,f:,g: (DiamondMax Plus 40 UDMA/100)
Drive 2 - d:,h: (Quantum UDMA/33)

All partitions are FAT32 and both drives are using UDMA/33, since thats as fast as the motherboard supports.

I could only see all of drive 2 - d: and h: drive. I can also see c: from drive 1 and when I click on it, it asks me if i want to format it when I already have it all partitioned. I could see all my drives before the Sp2 update (Just Win2k with no Sp1 or Sp2) and in Win 98.

Please help.

<i>DMA - Doesn't Mean Anything :wink: </i>


Remove the Cylinder Limitation jumper (J46) on the Maxtor and make sure you are using the latest bios for the motherboard.

This is not a problem with Win2000 but a problem with drive parameter translation by the bios.

This problem came up often when Win2000 was introduced but with the retirement of older hardware you don't see it much anymore.