Jul 9, 2021
I spent using this pc over 6 months with no problems regard weird noises, and then next day powered up the machine I hear this noise all time with no stop if idle, when I am playing gaming or doing heavy work, lets say playing bf4 after like 10m I started hearing the noise keep fading, sometimes after a restart I don't hear that noise but if idle for longer it comes back. the same situation whether the case is open or close the noise is in there, pc with no OC no xmp, no higher temps cpu max load and gpu max load won't reach 70C, case is open!
pc specs:
mobo: MSI MAG z490 tomahawk
cpu: I7 10700k
gpu: rtx 2080ti gaming x trio
psu: evga 750bq 80+ bronze
case: thermal take view 37 argb edition
cooler: masterliquid ml360r
ram: corsair vengeance pro rgb 3200mhz 64gb
ssd nvme (1) slot under cpu 1tb
ssd nvme (2) slot under gpu 1tb, bios is UEFI mode with raid and obtain both activated.
for that mentioned period of time I have never encountered with any problems or system crushing or anything as matter of fact I have oc cpu to 5.3GHz with xmp I seen no issues at all.
but for these last 15 days I'm having a terrible headache and my struggle is real I uploaded the type of the noise here, see guys anyone who land help is much appreciated I know I included some info which are irrelevant but I put some kind of picture here that maybe made it easier for you to help, ty guys in advance.
link of the noise: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2khjput70m3subm/Voice_001.m4a/file
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I can hear what sounds like a fan with a bad bearing, but I don't hear any kind of voice. Hearing a voice isn't a normal sound from a PC, if you're hearing a voice and there's no obvious program playing a voice, sounds like some odd kind of virus.
Sep 23, 2020
Voice? I didn't hear any voices, I hear what sounds like a fan slapping a cable..

Might need to.. seek out a doctor though if you're hearing voices >.>
Or call a priest..

Thought that file was gonna be a jumpscare if I'm honest
Jul 9, 2021
Ah, that was very confusing!

Well, it's almost certainly a fan. The most obvious solution would be, when you hear the noise, manually stop each fan with a pencil until finding the fan making the noise. Then, replace the fan.
sorry the confusion,
it was a tiny slim cable which was hitting a little window inside the case by fans air flow.
your answer led me to check everything inside and I found it! thank you again #DSzymborski