Question Ditch the 5K UltraFine? Rethinking Monitor Setup. $1500 Budget.

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  • 27" 5K UltraFine + Additional Monitor

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  • 34" Ultrawide

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Apr 25, 2020
My current setup is an LG 5k Ultrafine that I use with my 15" MBP. I am considering an additional monitor or switching to a single ultrawide.

My biggest problem with the LG 5K is that it only works with Macs. I have a gaming PC (Nvidia GTX 1080 from 2015) and consoles that I haven't used in years; having a monitor that they can plug into would be nice.

The tricky thing is the 5K monitor is very good to look at. I can look at it all day without eyestrain. At work I have a 34" Ultrawide WQHD monitor and I love the real estate but it isn't as comfortable on my eyes.

Would you add a gaming specific monitor to be used as the extra monitor or would you pick a single ultra wide?

Which monitors would you recommend to compliment or replace the 5K. (If I replace the 5K I am willing to spend $1,500. If I add an additional monitor I would be willing to spend around $500).
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