Question Divert HDMI audio signal to USB computer speakers ?


Nov 16, 2013

I have a Capcom Home Arcade Console. Typically, the HDMI cable carries the visual and sound for the games from the gaming console to a TV which then would easily show the images for the games and broadcast the sound through the TV's speakers.

My current set up is a bit different. The Capcom Home Arcade Console and its HDMI cable plugs into my computer monitor, but the monitor doesn't have built-in speakers so naturally I don't hear anything.

My question is this:

Is there a splitter that will include the HDMI cable for the Capcom Console so it can connect to my computer monitor, but split off the sound signal from the HDMI cable to a female USB port so I can hear the console's sound through my computer speakers?

If not, is there an HDMI splitter so the first HDMI cable can run to my computer's monitor while the second HDMI cable plugs into a set of HDMI friendly speakers, if those even exist?

Thanks for your time and help.