Dlink 615 & 655 compatibility problems


Aug 17, 2012
currently have 2 dlink 615's working as a network. first 615 works at site of a westell 2200 modem and is set up to handle ip addressinf (dhcp enabled)
the second 615 is set up as an accessw point (no dhcp) this arrangement
has been working for sometime. i have been trying to add a 655 unit to
this network. i can connect but can't get on the internet. i have checked
all my wiring and its ok. when i set up the 655 at the office it works ok.
is there a compatibility problem between these D Link units?

Not really, those are just arbitrary names.

Besides the normal SSID you define for your wireless network, the DIR-655 can support a "guest SSID", intended to give its wireless users access to the internet over the WAN while preventing access to the LAN or users of the other SSID. Sometimes ppl mistakenly try to use the guest SSID when the router is configured as a WAP (wireless AP) and connected LAN to LAN on your network, which won’t work since the guest SSID only works over the WAN.

If you weren’t even aware of this feature, then it’s probably not the problem.