Dlink DI-604 configured to act as a switch.


Jan 23, 2012
I have an old Dlink DI-604 that I'd like to configure to work as a switch. I think this is possible but not sure how to do it. Switches are cheap but if I could save a few bucks with some tweaking I'd prefer that. Plus I figure I'd learn a bit about networking.

Dlinks site on the DI-604:

My main problem is I have Uverse and I'm out of wired ports on the Residential Gateway. I would like 2 more ports to network my PC and NAS, so my laptop and Xbox can access their files.
Disable the DHCP Server.
If you plug in one of the regular ethernet ports into the existing router, it should enable the other 3 ports to act as a switch. You may need to use the WAN port for that, but that depends on the device.

I'm using a broken Linksys router now at work as a switch for my desk (only the router part is not working), so you should be able to use your D-Link as such.