Question Dlink Dir-819 vs TP link Archer C20

Jul 23, 2019
Hi guys,

I would like to buy a router with dual band support so while considering under 2000Rs. I have two options either Dir-819 or Archer c20. I got confused with which to go and also for better usage and connectivity. The router will be placed ground floor and how good is the wifi range for the first floor where i am need to take care of works.

Although there are multiple hardware revisions of both those routers the latest versions of each use EXACTLY they same cpu and radio chipsets. There performance should be about the same. The likely are difference in the software but only you can say which you like better.

The range/coverage on almost all routers from better known vendors is the same. They all transmit very close to the legal maximum power allowed by the government.

Most problems with coverage or going to be the end devices because they have small antenna and low power transmitters. So they can hears the router but the router can not hear the device. In addition many wifi problems are a result of interference from neighbors signals. This in effect cuts the range because of how hard it is for the device/router to find the good signal with all the garbage coming in from neighbors.