Question DNS Error But Doesn't Affect Remote Desktop

Feb 3, 2023
I keep receiving a DNS Error where I cannot access the internet almost once a day and I can resolve this issue by resetting my router. While I cannot access the internet on my normal desktop, I can still use the internet on my remote desktop that is connected to the internet. My phone cannot access the internet during this error either. Any help resolving this permanently would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if additional information would be helpful.
What I would first try is to set the DNS to a value like or in the IPv4 setting in your pc. While you are in there I would disable the IPv6. IPv6 is not likely you problem but it can cause other issues and provides very little benefit.

The default way DNS works in most home installs is the router acts as a DNS proxy for the ISP dns server. It is fairly common for either of these to have issues. When you manually set the DNS your machine talks directly to the DNS server on the internet. is google and is cloudflare both of which are extremely stable.

Now this would be a ok solution for your pc but many phones can be tricky to set things like this. What you would have to do is change the DHCP function in the router so that instead of giving out its own IP it gives out

What you can also try is to ping and make sure that works when you think the internet is broken. If you can not ping the problem is not a DNS issue. If your connection were down you could not get to the DNS server but you can't get to any server so those message can be silly some times.