[SOLVED] Do AIO pumps need a wire ?

Nov 11, 2020
I got this IBUYPOWER computer awhile ago. And i was just looking at the systems temps (cpu is 114 F if thats good) and I came a across my aio pump rpm and it say N/A. So I looked into it and found AIO slot on my motherboard and there is nothing attached. So i looked around on my pump and i only see one wire coming out of it. And it look like its attached to my RGB lights. So i was wondering how my pump could be working/ if there is even one. Or is the pump possibly working off my RGB. I need some insight. PLZ

It a: IBUYPOWER 240mm addressable RGB Liquid cooling system- Black- IBUYPOWER 240mm fan (black) [Z370]
Might be a good time to test Ibuypower customer support. and ask them.

Normally, a pump must be connected to a motherboard pump connector so it can run continuously.


What processor do you have and what do the under load temperatures look like?

Also is it 114F or 114c? I ask because people sometimes mistakenly report celcius for fahreinheit or vice versa

If its 114 celcius then something is majorly wrong. If its 114 fahreinheit I'd assuming its working